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Security Seals 

We are a professional supplier of security seals. We are committed to provide customers with high quality, price competitive and reliable products. Customer satisfction is our number one priority. 

Our company is dedicated to providing outstanding services, listening to customer requests and being reachable at all times. This has enabled us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. 

We provide a wide range of security seals products like plastic seals, non residue VOID labels, total residue VOID labels, security tapes, padlock seals, cable seals and bolt seals...etc We supply high security seals that are C-TRAT Complaint and ISO 17712 certified, including high security seals and high security bolt seals. These ISO 17712 are available with different colors and with custom printing, barcode or QR code and unique serial numbering.  

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 What's our commitment? 

Our commitment is to maintain high standards, good reputation with the best materials to produce quality products to all customers.


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 What are security seals?

Security seals are designed for one-time use. The main function is to indicate tamper evident effect if it has been tampered. This allows for an easy and reliable security solution for most industries. Our security seals are available for three security levels - "H" High Security Seals, "S" Security Seals and "I" Indiciatve Security Seals.


Hong Kong Security Seal 3


 Why security seals?

Security Seals provide features to indicate tamper evident effect. This is cost-effective, simple to use and easy to recgnize if tampered. Customers have the flexiblity to choose the most appropriate security seals based on their applications.


Hong Kong Security Seal 4


Custom seals?

We are able to customize the security seals based on customer requirements. Each security seal is able to be made with your own logo, barcode / QR code and unique serial numbering. If you have any doubts, please tell us and we will provide you with the righ solution to meet your requirements.