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The latest news in 2023:

The Civil Aviation Department has set new requirements for security seals for transportation security measures. The details are as follows:

Security seal requirements applicable to close-packed trucks and containers

Serial number format of security seal

The new requirements for the serial number of security seals are as follows: The first 3 characters must be capitalized English letters, as the company code of the air cargo security inspection facility/control agent/known shipper/its contractor, and the following 7 characters can be used It is any combination of numbers and capital English letters. Valid examples include:


Each security seal must have a unique serial number. If a truck has 3 doors, the 3 doors must be attached with security seals with different serial numbers, such as ABC1234567, ABC1234568 and ABC1234569. 

QR Code

The Civil Aviation Department recommends (not mandatory) to print a QR code with the above serial number on each security seal used for secret trucks and containers, so that it can be scanned by machine. 

The security seals we provide fully meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Department. If you want to inquire about product information or request a quotation, please email us or call us.

Security seal is? (01/08/2015)

Security seal is a tool which is used for preventing theft. According to the application, security seals can be varied from custom seals, container seals and seals for commerical inspection and so on. As long as the security seal is locked, it can not be open except breaking it with violent. And the security seal will not be able to reuse any more. Each security seal can be customized with a number of unique identification.

The seal is to reduce the use cost (15/10/2016)

Security Seal includes seal body and a seal line, its characteristics is that goods of the seals of the body contains the socket and the card buckle cover; commodity deck and cover are buckled together on the surface of some convergence, the clamping seat, and thereby can surond cohesion flip buckled. Beneficial effect is: card and card cover intergration design, put an end to the deck and cover due to storage disorders cause two can not match or during a throw away, and make the seal all lost use value representation, useful to reduce the use of cost. Sealing device comprises a lead sealing cover some fixed, and package cover fixed some covergence of lead sealing cover some, support the features of goods is the lead sealing cover fixed some by three equidistant set a fixed bayonet fixed commodity lead sealing cover fixed on some seals holes are arranged, commodity lead sealing cover some and lead sealed hole corresponding to the position is provided with holes. Fixed bayonet and demand lead sealing device convergence, flip lead sealing cover some, and lead sealing cover fixed some close, lead sealing cover some of the bayonet holesa and lead sealing cover fixed some cohesion, constitute a fixed start, lead sealing hole happened through the holes in the lead sealing cover, with wire through the lead sealing hole and lead grain along with a seal. This product has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, good security.

Competitve advantage of AE Security Seals? (09/02/2017)

1. Excellent sales staff with professional knowledge and advice.
2. Good internal commnications to meet customer request.
3. Wide varierty of security products and services.
4. Ability to create unique, customized products to provide high-level of security need.
5. We serve customers worldwide. Ship out the goods to the requested destintation.
6. Commitment for excellence and best services all the times.

What is C-TRAT? (16/03/2017)

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and focused on improving the security of private companies' supply chains with respect to terrorism. The program was launched in November 2001 with seven initial participants, all large U.S. companies. Large-scale Security Seal producers were included within the 'invited foreign manufacturers' segment of the ordinance. C-TPAT compliant security ties indicate they are compliant with international shipping security standards. 

What is the ISO17712 international standard for bolt seals? (15/12/2018)

ISO is the code for the International Standardization Organization, ISO17712 is an international standard, full name is DS DS/ISO/PAS 17712 Freight containers - Mechanical seals. Any container that adopts the ISO17712 standard sealing procedure will be affixed with an unique mark at the seal to ensure that it is sealed. Additional, the standard also categorizes the sealing procedures and uses different sealing marks for the containers that are received or returned.

One-time use plastic seal? (08/08/2019)

Plastic seal is a kind of accessories made of plastic. Plastic seal is composed of two parts. One end is a square plastic mouth with a hook elastic plastic lock and the other end is plastic seal itself with sawtooth and it can bent to penetrate the front plastic mouth and form loop, similar like belt on pants to tie up cable wires. Plastic seals are widely used at factories, warehouse, petroleum, bank, finance, products inspection, packing barrel sealing, energy measuring, supermarket, logistics, express, sea freight companies... etc.

Plastic seals mean Security seals? (05/05/2020)

Security seal is one-time use seal, which is used to prevent any stolen, change of goods during transportation. Because the special design of structure and material, unqiue serial number and mark is printed by laser printing or hot stamping. And any interventions to seals is easy to be seen. It can strengthen the logistic control in an easy and rapid way.

What is laser printing? (07/05/2022) 

Laser etching is the process of using a laser beam to permanently cut an image or pattern into a hard material, such as plastic, glass, wood or metal. The pattern is typically programmed into a computer that controls the laser. The strength of the laser is based on the material used and the level of heat required. Laser marking technology is more widely used in printing field and manufacturing in recent years and laser marking can be applied to several materials, for instance, plastic and rubber, metal and silicon chips. In comparison to the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, network printing and oil ink printing, laser marking is characterized by low cost and high flexibility and can be controlled by computer system. The mark produced on a work piece surface by laser is permanent.

What is VOID labels? (13/03/2024) 

VOID labels are designed for on-demand printing options, that can be made according to customer needs, including label color an size... etc., to ensure product tampering and theft. When the label has been tampered with, leaving a clear evidence. A variety of label options are available including fracturing labels and labels that leave a footprint when removed. When you do business, all you have to do is protect your property. You can make sure your product is sealed and delivered without fear of being tampered with.

What is Hosptial security seals? (25/05/2024) 

Hospital security seals are used to secure carrying bags, medicine cabinets, trolleys, kits, oxygen bottles. They are also used for the transport of confidential documents.