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Padlock Seals 

Padlock seals are easy to use and break. They are widely used in the airline industries like catering and in-flight services.
These are also common used for key chains and lockers.

Padlock Seals  (AP1001)
padlock seal 1 

 PP injected plastic padlock with steel wire
 Standard size
 Wire diameter: 1.2mm
 Tensile Strength: >500N

Padlock Seals (AP1002)
padlock seal 2

 PP injected plastic padlock with steel wire and PC transparent cover
 Standard size
 Wire diameter: 1.2mm
 Tensile Strength: >500N

 Padlock Seals (AP1003)
padlock seal 3

 PP injected plastic padlock
 Ribbon diameter: 4.8mm
 Total height: 62mm
 Tensile Strength: > 40N


Fixed type seals
Disposable seal
 All plastic contstruction   
Easy to lock   
 Removal by hands or light tools

Laser printed of company name, logo,  barcode and QR code, unique serial numbering is available

 White / Yellow / Orange / Blue / Red / Green. Other colors upon request.

 Airline catering services, bags     
  Key chain, lockers and boxes...etc