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Security Labels (or VOID Labels)  

When removed, the VOID labels (or named "Seal Labels) will self-destruct to indicate that the security seal has been broken. Adhesive residue will be left on the surface when removed.

VOID label 

VOID Labels Characteristics:  

 When stick on the object, structure broken and evident trace will appear once opened
The hidden graphics cannot be identified by eyes, so would not affect the overall design
Identified easily. Do not require any mass equipment
Unique design, one-time use, anti-juggle and anti-deny
Printing: Special message or graphic is available according to customer requirement. Ways to show the unique, exclusive, professional and personal identification

Custom sizs and designs applied

VOID security labels 

VOID Labels Available Colors:  

security labels 

VOID Labels Applications:

VOID labelVOID labelsVOID labelsVOID labels