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Reusable Security Bags  

Reusable Security bags are used to secure documents, personal effects, cash or other valuables.

This is designed and produced with a special locking chamber for the application of disposable arrow seals. All linings of reusable security bags are sewn internally. Made of PVC and polyester sandwich. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and specially designed for prolonged usage.

When the reusable security bag is closed and sealed with an arrow seal, the security section is completed. It is required to break the arrow seal to open. Each arrow is single-use only.


To sore important and confidential documentations, valuable goods and so on such as banks, finance sectors, governments, legal firms & accounting firms…
Various colors are available for Reusable Security Bags - Red, Green, Blue and Yellow
 Wordings / Logo can be printed
Arrow seals with unique serial numbering

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