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Tote Boxes

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Tote Boxes

Tote boxes are made of industrial strength plastic, and can be used for over hundreds of times. Tough plastic construction protects against the damage to totes and its contents. The industrial plastic cates have interlocking lids and do not require any assembling, which are easy and convenient for continuous use. They do not require tapes, which avoids aggravation. The hinged lid storage containers are stackable so they do not take up much room when not in use.

Tote boxes Characteristics: 

Basic information:
Easily label for identification
Tough plastic construction
Damage protection ensured. Stackable on pallets
Hinged, fold-over lid for easy stacking and nesting

Silk Screen printing with logo is acceptable
Leadtime: Around 4 weeks
MOQ quantity: 300pcs
 Standard color: Blue color 

Tote boxes Choices: 

tote boxestote boxes物流箱物流箱